Stain Removal for all Types of Denim

Denim, especially jeans, can come in many shapes, sizes, but also types. For fashionistas this may not be so much of a surprise, but by trying out different kinds you can begin to adjust your style, gain a new appreciation for denim, and also have some fashion-related fun too.

Stain Removal for all Types of Denim

Whether stretched, washed or raw, different kinds of denim have different properties, not least in how they look. Below is a little overview of the different kinds, as well as some things to think about when it comes to stain removal.


From leggings (don’t you mean leggings?) to bell-bottoms, and even dungarees, denim has been worn in a variety of styles and remains a staple of just about everyone’s wardrobe. They’re an iconic item, ranging from the simple straight fit to boot cut and even skinny fit. Chances are you’re wearing a pair right now!


The name behind ‘raw denim’ is all down to the wash. Raw denim is not washed after having been dyed during its creation. This means that the color will fade over time, which many people like. This usually occurs over areas of most wear, such as your knees.


Most denims are ‘washed’. This makes them softer, but they also can look worn even before their first wear. This can lead to a ‘distressed’ look.


‘Selvage denim’ is a unique kind of denim. It’s made by one continuous cross-yarn: quite an advanced process that leads to a strong, durable piece of clothing.


Stretch denim isn’t just cotton, but also features elastics that have some give, while still keeping the jeans tight to your legs.


Although there are several different kinds of denim, washing out most stains that may be found on your clothing (such as grease stains or coffee stains) is easy with Spray 'n Wash. Generally what product you should use depends on the type of stain, but for many, Spray 'n Wash Trigger is enough for the task at hand. 

For pre-treating denim, simply spray down the stain with the Spray 'n Wash Trigger, and let it sit and absorb for up to 5 minutes before washing your jeans as usual. This will have your jeans looking as good as new—no matter which kind of denim you decide to wear.