The Color Red

The Holiday Season is a time of rich colors: green fir trees, bright colored gift wrapping, and various reds from a famous outfit, to wine, and finally holly berries, the center of any Christmas decoration. However, with all this color there could always be an inevitable spill leading to a clothes stain, or to landing on the carpet.

The Color Red

However, stains can be taken care of with a bit of knowledge, and some Spray 'n Wash.


Red wine stains are almost inevitable over the holidays, whether mulled or otherwise. Either a few drops here and there from a clumsy pour, or an excitable guest knocking a glass flying, causing claret to cover your clothing. Red wine stains aren’t as formidable as you might think, providing they are not left to set for too long.


Perhaps a bit grisly for some, but blood stains might not just be caused just from human blood (although mishandling kitchen knives might lead to a small knick or cut in your skin) but a hearty roast may cause a splash of any excess liquid from cooking to run off the plate, or while you’re preparing it. Blood stains, however, are no match for Spray 'n Wash Trigger. Be sure to use a non-Oxidizable product to remove blood stains.

Begin the process by simply removing as much blood you can with cold, clean running water. Spray 'n Wash and cold water work great together to treat blood stains, as this solution breaks down blood, causing it to dissolve. Apply water to both sides of the fabric to fully wash it out. You may have a problem if you wipe the blood, smearing it rather than cleaning it. Blot the stain beforehand with a dampened napkin to prevent any seeping.