Keeping Your Whites at their Whitest

It’s incredibly disheartening when we realize that a favorite white item of clothing has reached the end of its life - like losing an old friend. Whether for style or sentimental reasons (that’s the top I met my partner in! Grandma knitted that!) There really shouldn’t be any reason that you should have to feel this ever again. 

Keeping Your Whites at their Whitest

The biggest culprits for your old favorites losing their lease on life are stains, or the white color fading. You can make sure that your clothes keep up with you, by using Spray 'n Wash to keep them looking like new, dazzlingly white and stain free.


White clothes often lose their brightness and become dull. They lose their original white color and become greyer over time. This happens as a natural result of usage and regular washes, although this is not inevitable. It doesn’t take much at all for you to keep your whites always looking bright.

If you use a washing machine, it’s important to make sure that you clean it regularly. Over time, sediment may accumulate in the drum and these can get into your white fabrics and make them dull. If your washer isn’t clean, then it can hardly be expected to keep your clothes clean! It’s advised that you give it a good clean every three months. Finally, you should launder your whites after every wear even if they look clean. Your skin’s oils can build up over time, giving your whites a dirty appearance that lingers on, even after they’re washed.

If you’re reading this a bit late, then there’s still no need to fear. To make dulled whites whiter again: spray your garments with Spray 'n Wash Trigger. From then on, make sure you wash your whites separately to help keep them white.

To remove stains: pre-treat any stain you may spot with Spray 'n Wash Stain Stick. Then, remember to always wash your whites separately to keep them always in good shape.

Make sure that you always check the type of fabric that any stains may cling to, and first check out our guides on how to remove specific tricky stains from your clothing. Now all you have to do go out and wear them, and be careful not to dazzle anybody!