Against the Clock! Last Minute Stain Removal

Let’s say you’re just about to go out, but, drat!—A spot of wine, food or makeup appears on your clothing. What do you do? Well, Spray 'n Wash can help you with special stain removal technology.

Against the Clock! Last Minute Stain Removal

With our tips we can help you work out the best way to minimize or even completely remove a stain against the clock, with minimal fuss!


The most important tip we can provide is to make sure that you don’t smear any stain into your clothes. Get some practice now with a damp paper towel or clean white rag. Simply blot an area, and pull away. This technique draws the stain away from the fabric, and prevents it from spreading. Keep this tip in mind whenever you have a stain, and make sure you always have a packet of tissues handy – they’re not always for your nose!


For different stains do different things. Some, like blood stains or tomato sauce stains, need a steady stream of cold water in order to break down, while many other stains such as oil require warm water. Dried-in stains might just need a spray of Spray 'n Wash Max Trigger.


See tough stains disappear at the end of the wash cycle with Spray 'n Wash Max Trigger. Just spray our oxygen-based formula onto the stain, wait a maximum of 5 minutes and then rub-in the product. Wash according to the care label instructions. This should go a long way to clearing the stain away. Repeat the process if necessary.